We are hiring!

Enthusiastic like us to develope superconducting logics? - Become a member of our team!

There are open doctoral and postdoctoral researcher positions in experimental and theoretical physics. They are distributed among our partners at the University of Konstanz (UKN), at CNR research centers in Pisa and Salerno (both Italy), at the universities of Budapest (Hungary), Delft (Netherlands), Gothenburg (Sweden), and our corporate partner in Elmsford (NY, United States). 

The list of open positions within the groups of the SuperGate consortium is continuously updated in the table below. General questions, however, can be directed via e-mail to the SuperGate office, group-specific questions to the responsible project partner.

We look forward to receiving your application with a letter of motivation, your CV, transcripts and letters of recommendation combined to one single pdf document via e-mail to the SuperGate office. Please assign your application to one or more of our project groups.

Theo. Phys. Prof. Dr Wolfgang Belzig Quantum Transport University of Konstanz, Germany
Exp. Phys.  Dr Antonio Vecchione Quantum materials CNR SPIN, Salerno, Italy
Exp. Phys. Dr Francesco Giazotto  Superconducting Quantum Electronics CNR NANO, Pisa, Italy
Theo. Phys. Dr Mario Cuoco Theory of unconventional superconductivity CNR SPIN, Salerno, Italy
Exp. Phys. Prof. Dr Andrea Caviglia Designer Quantum Materials TU Delft, Netherlands
Corporate Partner/Exp. Phys. Dr Oleg Mukhanov Commercial Quantum Computing Devices

SEEQC, Naples, Italy