SuperGate members presented their results at various conferences, thereby acknowledging the SuperGate project and bringing it to the attention of a broader audience. 

Yearly report

The SuperGate project was covered in the yearly report “Erfolgsgeschichten aus EU-Projekten – Jahrbuch 2023. Visionen für die digitale Zukunft − Frauen in der Koordination” reporting “Success stories from EU-funded projects coordinated by women“. This volume is edited by the national contact point digital and industrial technologies (NKS DIT) in Germany, https://www.nks-dit.de, December 20, 2023

Tag der Physik

Tag der Physik

Konstanz, Germany 13.12.2023

The UKON node was participating in the “Tag der Physik” with six experimental presentations (superconducting train, low temperature physics) highlighting the SuperGate project (December 13, 2023). Audience: ~120 school students and their teachers from the Konstanz area

Activities at BME, Budapest

  1. The BME node participated at the “Researcher nights” at BME with lab visits to show superconducting and quantum electronics (November 29, 2023). Audience: general audience from the Budapest area, ~ 200-300 visitors. 
  2. The BME node participated in the “Open University Day” at BME with lab visit to show superconducting and quantum electronics (November 24, 2023) Audience: ~General audience, mostly secondary school students interested to start BSc studies in physics, their teachers from the Budapest area, ~ 100- 200 visitors.
  3. Szabolcs Szonka (BME) gave a lecture for high school students about superconducting and quantum electronics (November 29, 2023) Audience: school students specialized in math and physics at the high school at Arpad Gimnazium, ~ 20 students
  4. Szabolcs Szonka (BME) gave a lecture in about “Physics as a job!” with a detailed part on superconducting and quantum electronics (November 25, 2023) Audience:  school students in their last two years of secondary school at the high school at Piarista Gimnazium ~45 students.
  5. Péter Makk (BME) gave a general lecture on quantum and superconducting electronics (December 12, 2023) at Eötvös University Audience:  university physics students,  year1-3, interested in research projects.
  6. Péter Makk (BME) gave a talk to Hungarian university physics students on quantum and superconducting electronics, MaFIHE Winter School on semiconductors (Febr. 1,  2024) Audience: university students year 1-3, ~ 40 students

Focus Session (DPG Spring Meeting)

Unconventional Transport Phenomena in Low-Dimensional Superconducting Heterostructures

Dresden, Germany 29.03.23

The investigation of new superconducting systems and effects is key to the development of superconducting electronics and quantum technologies. Recent studies have demonstrated that systems of low dimensionality in particular offer enormous possibilities for the realization of unconventional superconducting phases and quantum states. An effect hosted by low-dimensional superconducting systems is the supercurrent diode effect. The supercurrent diode effect was experimentally observed in 2020 and has since then been intensively investigated worldwide. The effect has been seen in a variety of low-dimensionality hybrid systems, such as two-dimensional van der Waals heterostructures, in magnetic proximity systems as well superlattices. The origin of the effect, however, is still under debate and several explanations have been proposed for its underlying mechanism including lack of inversion symmetry, spin-orbit coupling and screening effects. This Focus session will bring together the most recent developments in the field of superconducting effects in low-dimensionality systems and update the community on their physics and perspective applications, with particular attention to recent results related to the supercurrent diode effect.

Organizers: Wolfgang Belzig and Angelo Di Bernardo (Universität Konstanz)





Lange Nacht der Wissenschaft

Alles supra, oder was?

Konstanz, Germany 14.05.22

The Long Night of Science Konstanz and Kreuzlingen has been taking place every two years since 2010 as a cross-border science event organized by the University of Konstanz, the University of Applied Sciences Konstanz (HTWG), the Thurgau University of Education and the cities of Konstanz and Kreuzlingen at several locations.
At this year's event visitors could ask questions in exchange with the scientists and the researchers also used the event to ask their guests - in lectures, workshops, guided tours, hands-on activities, exhibitions and demonstrations. In the section titled Alles supra, oder was?, the focus was on introducing the importance of Quantum technology and how Superconductors can play their role to make it reality.

Presented by: Elke Scheer and Wolfgang Belzig